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Personalised Exercise Programs

Improved strength + confidence

Enjoy Exercise, Enjoy the Results

Build a close relationship with your coach for maximum results


Get more out of your training by working with a professional. Your coach will build a strong relationship with you to have a better understanding of your goals in and around your lifestyle and work together with you to maximise your results. 

Personal Training in Bath

Personal Training

The most detailed way to improve your efficiency in the gym. Your coach will constantly be watching technique, tempo and engagement of the correct muscle groups as well as giving constant feedback and positively reinforcing your reasons for making a change. Work together to achieve the results you've always wanted from exercise. 

Group Classes

Small Group Training

If you prefer working alongside a friend or 2 but want similar detail and benefits to 1-1 training the small group training is for you. Sit down with your coach and together work out what it is you'd like to achieve from your sessions. Push each other and keep each other motivated in a fun and engaging environment!

Online Training

Online Programming

Already have a gym membership or home gym but are struggling to see improvement? We can design a bespoke program to fit in with your lifestyle and goals. Fully automated app to help you track and stay consistent as well as easy to follow instructions and demonstrations. 


Prices & Packages
For bespoke small group training and online training programs please get in contact and we will be happy to put a package together for you.

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