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Build a stable core with shoulder taps!

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

One of my favourite exercises to help build your trunk as well as understand the muscles used to secure certain movements.

Extremely versatile. I like to use this as part of a warm up routine as well as using at the end of a session as a tasty finisher.

Coaching Cues:

- Establish a wide base with your feet usually just wider than shoulder width.

- Make sure your hands are positioned under your shoulders.

- Brace your mid section. Fire your glutes before slowly taking one hand off the floor.

- Work hard to counteract the transfer of weight and the bodies natural reaction to let the hips move.

- Challenge yourself to minimise the movement of your hips throughout the exercise.

James' Tip: The slower the better. I see so many videos of people doing this exercise (which is great) but executing it so poorly, almost to the extent of it being pointless due to so much movement. Really slow it down and feel the connection between mind and muscle.

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